Power to Reason – Let’s use it!

This blogger has spent time comparing translations with the Greek Interliner…

A Twist in Translation

The verses below show a major translation difference between the KJV (along with all other English translations) and the NWT. Take a look at them and then meet me again underneath the photo.

So above we see that the Kingdom interlinear shows the KJV to be on track and the NWT to be…not so much.

The other translations say things like “this is your logical worship.” This is your reasonable service or sensible worship and the like.

The last sentence is referring back to the “presenting of your bodies as a living sacrifice.” It describes that act as being a reasonable or logical and spiritual way to serve or worship God. The offering to God of our bodies should be something we naturally think is the right thing to do. It makes sense to us.

And the verse written that way also makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense?

Referring back…

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