Why Keeping Christmas is important.

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Jesus said,  John 15:18  “If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first.” We should not be surprised that many people in the world war against Christmas, the celebration of the advent of Christ into the world. Atheists want no mention of the name of Christ Jesus anytime. Muslims are offended by our nationwide celebration of the birth of Jesus because they place Mohammed above Christ. JW’s Watchtower call Christmas celebrations pagan. Secularists want to change the season from “Christmas” to “Holiday Season” so those who do not trust Christ will be able to claim the holiday as their own even if it diminishes Christ.

Who is really behind this ‘doing away with Christmas?’  I suggest that the enemy of Christ is behind this.


Consider the opportunity that Christmas provides Christians and how it impacts young lives.

As I sat in Sunday School…

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