2020 Media and Tech Black-out

Evidence of A media Blackout

Ignoring Voter Fraud  has become frightening to the 75,000,000 legitimate voters who cast a vote for President Trump on November 3rd. It feels a little like being in Wonderland with Alice to realize that most media, in what once was a free country, a beacon to the world of freedom and transparency, did not even report a PA Legislature Public Meeting where elected officials reported massive voter fraud in the state of PA and where many eye witnesses who have also signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, spoke. While the Trump Legal team files multiple lawsuits and asks for audits, mainstream media is presenting a narrative of Joe Biden as president elect without a challenge. That would be normal except for one thing – it is a fantasy. It isn’t true. In Nevada, a judge is allowing an evidentiary hearing regarding GOP charges of fraud in Clark County (Las Vegas), according to “Meaning in History blogspot”: “That hearing will be on 12/3 and the local GOP will be conducting 15 depositions in the meantime.” There are other challenges…

AZ Challenge  

MI and GA Challenge

PA Judge Halts Further Certification

Are You Okay With A Media Blackout?

I do not know how you feel about a media AND high tech black-out. As for myself, I find it deeply troubling. Many things are troubling about the 2020 election, but media has not only ignored what has and is happening, a quick internet search reveals media is writing a false narrative. To accept the narrative one must be willing to ignore some impossible scenarios and believe that a man, Joe Biden, who failed twice to win the Democrat primary when he was in his prime, who is sometimes incoherent, who stayed inside and spent almost no time campaigning, who ran on a platform of raising taxes, and who is under investigation by the state department- this man got more votes than Barrack Obama in 2008 or Hillary Clinton in 2016. He won this against a President who went into the election with a 49% approval rating. To believe Biden won the state of PA one must believe that while on election night President Trump was ahead by 600,000, then they stopped counting. The next day when Democrats counted the mail-in ballots they claim that Biden got 570,000 votes while Trump got only 3,000. This isn’t in the realm of statistical probability. It doesn’t happen in elections. As the count continued, the numbers continued to widen. According to sworn affidavits, poll watchers were kept away from the tables where votes were counted. Similar occurrences happened in every swing state. They all stopped counting when President Trump took a commanding lead and they all had voting irregularities that led to a Biden win. What are the chances of this? (See Forbes) Also, to believe Biden won, one must believe the Dominion software is secure and Democrats were wrong in their own assessment. Yet NONE of this is being reported. 

Consider if Biden and Trump’s names were switched and the suspected fraud was on the part of Republicans. What would be your reaction if Democrats have good reason to not only believe the election was stolen, they also have big media and big tech putting Trump into office? What would your reaction be? This is America. Without honest elections everyone will lose.

Who is president pales in comparison to the loss of integrity at the polling place and a free, open, honest, unbiased press. 

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I am a grandmother of seven and I like to garden, read, study the Bible, and spend time with family. I am not very politically active, but very interested in who is elected to lead our country.
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  1. jlue says:

    When media and tech conspire to rig an election that destroys freedom and the American way of life. Without an unbiased, fair media and electoral integrity we have become a totalitarian state and will become a third world country. 😢


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