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Dr. Ben Carson – in the real world or in ‘up-side-down-land’?

Things work exactly opposite of the way they should in ‘up-side-down-land’…. Continue reading

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Benghazi & Terrorism – What difference can the truth make?

The date 9/11 has come to mean “attack” day for Americans. Most of us think of New York,  Twin Towers and murdered Americans when we hear the term 9/11, but will anyone remember another 9/11 or Hillary Clinton’s infamous words … Continue reading

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Mother of Sean Smith, Benghazi victim, says, “I need answers.”

Sean Smith’s mother says, “I need answers.” Imagine if a Republican President tried to cover up something as deadly and mismanaged as the attack on Benghazi. Do you think the media would cooperate the way they have done with the Obama administration? Continue reading

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