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I was wrong about almost everything concerning Donald Trump.

REMEMBERING THE PRIMARY The Republican Primary seems a long time ago. During that time, I was an ‘anyone but Trump’ person. My preference was Ben Carson first, Ted Cruz second, and then the others in this order of preference:  Mike Huckabee, … Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson defeats Hillary Clinton according to Quinnipiac poll 52-38

Dr. Carson may realize that he is here for such a time as this. Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson – in the real world or in ‘up-side-down-land’?

Things work exactly opposite of the way they should in ‘up-side-down-land’…. Continue reading

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Dr. Carson effectively causes ABC moderator to change the subject…

Now I have a question. How many people who are reading this, who knows and understands what Sharia Law is all about, actually agrees with Dr. Carson?

Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer and Eric Wemple misunderstand Ben Carson – ?

The Washington Post printed an article quoting Ben Carson speaking to Wolf Blitzer. In the interview, Dr. Carson made this remark: “America is very much like Nazi Germany.” Eric Wemple then wrote about Dr. Carson in his blog. In my … Continue reading

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Will Americans hear Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare?

For some time now, I have said we live in an up-side-down world in the USA. This is what Dr. Ben Carson has said about our Healthcare system. Continue reading

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When will the black community speak up for all of their own?

February is Black History Month and there are many blacks in our history with major accomplishments who are remembered at this time. What puzzles me, however, is why the black community will not recognize their own who have done well … Continue reading

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