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WHAT HAPPENS IF A PERSON DENIES THE HOLY SPIRIT? If a person is not in Christ, then that person has no part in the Holy Spirit because those who are in Christ are filled with the Holy Spirit and they … Continue reading

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On this matter of judging others…

Jesus was teaching the people how to recognize false prophets. Matthew 7 ESV Continue reading

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Should Christians celebrate Easter?

EASTER OR RESURRECTION  For most Christians, the word Easter is synonymous with Resurrection. We understand Easter means resurrection. We celebrate the fact that Christ arose bodily from the grave three days after being crucified during Passover in Jerusalem. This we … Continue reading

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Five Ways One Cult Misuses Scripture

2 Timothy 2:15 – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. First of all, you should know this: No prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own … Continue reading

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Five Signals an Organization or Religious Sect is A Cult

FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT BEFORE JOINING A GROUP  1. Has someone or a small group obtained excessive wealth through the organization? One sure sign a group is a cult will be someone or a small group at the top … Continue reading

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A Covenant Relationship and Our Mediator – Stepping out of deception –

IDENTIFYING THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MAN Who mediated the Law Covenant according to the scriptures? JWs teach Moses did this, but I think this is one of the first steps taken in changing the gospel and New Covenant of … Continue reading

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What the Bible teaches about HEAVEN?

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL This is one of the longest post I have published. If you are interested in knowing what the Bible teaches about how to enter into HEAVEN, please take time to read. A book was recently published … Continue reading

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