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Enemies of the State

Because I feel that I have no control over what happens in Washington D.C., I have begun to pay little attention to anything political. Recently, however, I accidently saw a part of the program, “Enemies of the State”. I couldn’t turn it off. Sometimes, citizens have no choice but to get involved. I could hardly believe what happened to these people. Continue reading

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Does a “difficult political environment” give a president the right to by-pass the constitution?

George Wills has it right. Those who believe a “difficult political environment” gives them a right to discard the Constitution are extremely dangerous to liberty and to the free world. Unfortunately, this is who we have in office at this time. Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is leading the fight to end the IRS. Will you join him?

Regardless of what has happened politically in the USA, we have one man who is leading the fight to actually do something that will help everyone if he is successful. Ted Cruz wants to end the IRS. Continue reading

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Mother of Sean Smith, Benghazi victim, says, “I need answers.”

Sean Smith’s mother says, “I need answers.” Imagine if a Republican President tried to cover up something as deadly and mismanaged as the attack on Benghazi. Do you think the media would cooperate the way they have done with the Obama administration? Continue reading

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Eric Holder, please know that ‘civil rights’ are the personal rights of individual citizens.

The words ‘civil rights’ indicates that these are rights that apply to citizens of a nation. Even legal immigrants are not guaranteed ‘civil rights’. These are reserved for citizens. Listen to Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, … Continue reading

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A challenge to Pastor Luis Leon.

I challenge Dr. Leon to find one person of national importance who has suggested any of the things he says is driving him crazy. Perhaps he could find one or two out- of-the-mainstream kooks, but how could that drive a normal person crazy? Continue reading

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Sequestration: Whose idea was this anyway?

Whose idea was sequestration? Oh, that’s right it was Obama and Boehner who had this idea. Continue reading

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