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Will Americans hear Dr. Benjamin Carson on Healthcare?

For some time now, I have said we live in an up-side-down world in the USA. This is what Dr. Ben Carson has said about our Healthcare system. Continue reading

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The saddest thing about government entitlements is the fact that they are very limited and when wage earners can no longer support the masses, the masses are forced into low-paying jobs by the government that once supported them. College professors leave out this little detail. Continue reading

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How to have a GREAT fourth of July in 2012!

The most wonderful fourth of July we could have would be to begin the movement that corrects the tyranny that began with the John Roberts ruling on the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act. Mark Levin has a plan. He seems to … Continue reading

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NRSC Suggest Recall of Harry Reid

Townhall sent a link to NRSC, National Republican Senatorial Committee, that bothers me. The group is suggesting that now is the time to recall Harry Reid. This is a bad idea! Be assured that I am NOT a fan of … Continue reading

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Nathan Deal and A Servant’s Heart

  The first time I heard Nathan Deal speak at a local meeting I became a supporter. That was some time ago. He was our representative and I have spoken with him on several occasions. When he ran for governor … Continue reading

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“War on Women” – Is This Tactic Working?

Mike Huckabee: Nancy Pelosi and pro-abortion groups like Emily’s list are launching a crusade against pro-life Republicans for their “war on women.” Determined to regain power and advance their pro-abortion agenda, Nancy Pelosi and these groups are targeting Republicans for … Continue reading

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Become an Elephant in November – Elephants Remember! –

Two years later, if those elected do not keep their promises, elephants remember that as well! Only when voters REMEMBER will politicians truly change. Continue reading

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