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University of GA – Who Wants House Republicans Guillotined?

COLLEGE LIFE THEN Most of us remember fondly the day we left home to attend college. We felt freedom and a challenge to succeed. New friends, the smell of the college library, dorm life – it was a happy event. … Continue reading

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Opinion Poll – Who was hurt by Comey’s testimony?

THE RESISTANCE THOUGHT COMEY’S TESTIMONY WOULD BE THE DEATH KNELL FOR TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY. WERE THEY RIGHT? CNN expected Comey to say Trump was never told he was not under investigation. Oops, Trump was right on this one.  Trump has long … Continue reading

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Media Controls Our News in an Attempt to Shape Our Future

TRUMP’S PLEDGE TO AMERICA Saturday, October 23, 2016 Donald Trump spoke at Gettysburg. During his speech Mr. Trump made a pledge to America. Below are links to the pledge as well as video of the speech. The pledge lists 28 … Continue reading

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Imagine an America where…

Ultimately, we all share freedom or we all share enslavement. There is no other way. Continue reading

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See Me! I haven’t grown old on the inside.

“One never grows old on the inside.” -Eva Elizabeth Smith Continue reading

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Is the age of which Thomas Jefferson spoke? Will media’s refusal to report news result in ignorance that results in the loss of our freedom?

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816 Traveling across America we are able to determine where a person … Continue reading

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Where Do You Stand on Chuck Hagel and Will You Speak Out?

Do you support Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense? We, the American people, will not have much say in whether or not Chuck Hagel is given this important position, although we should. It is enormously important to our well-being! We … Continue reading

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