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Protests or Prayers for A Nation Divided?

DIVISION IN AMERICA After Barack Obama’s election in 2008, there arose a grassroots movement concerned about high taxes in America becoming even higher. This group became known as the ‘Taxed Enough Already’ movement or the TEA party. This is what … Continue reading

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Let’s Keep the Gun-control Issue Out of the Courts!

We should not ask this present supreme court to weigh in on the gun-control issue. Our best option is to issue our protests on November 8th, 2016 by casting our vote for a candidate who will support the Constitution. Continue reading

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Mainstream media is beginning to sound like Fox News

It is sad that our president is more concerned with his narrative than with protecting our nation or Christians around the world and that he is more concerned with doing what Rahm Emmanuel has done, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Continue reading

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What can be done to help Syrian refugees?

Perhaps at Christmas this year, rather than buying gifts no one needs, we could all contribute to Syrian refugee relief. Continue reading

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Was Donald Trump right in not responding to the charge that Obama is a Muslim?

If, as Obama and the Democrats say, Islam is for the most part a peace loving religion, why are they insulted by Donald Trump not “defending the president” when he is called a Muslim? Continue reading

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Will Obama continue to have ‘flexibility’?

Will you vote in the poll and give your opinion? Do you think voters are sending the president a message about ruling with executive orders? Continue reading

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Enemies of the State

Because I feel that I have no control over what happens in Washington D.C., I have begun to pay little attention to anything political. Recently, however, I accidently saw a part of the program, “Enemies of the State”. I couldn’t turn it off. Sometimes, citizens have no choice but to get involved. I could hardly believe what happened to these people. Continue reading

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