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Opinion Poll – Who was hurt by Comey’s testimony?

THE RESISTANCE THOUGHT COMEY’S TESTIMONY WOULD BE THE DEATH KNELL FOR TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY. WERE THEY RIGHT? CNN expected Comey to say Trump was never told he was not under investigation. Oops, Trump was right on this one.  Trump has long … Continue reading

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Will Obama continue to have ‘flexibility’?

Will you vote in the poll and give your opinion? Do you think voters are sending the president a message about ruling with executive orders? Continue reading

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Will President Romney Pardon Barack Obama and Other Questions?

Come January, will President Romney issue a pardon to Barack Obama for his illegitimate presidency? Continue reading

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Who should stay in the race? Opinion Poll

Who do you wish to see stay in the race for president? If you believe the news, you have a choice between an “Angry White Man” “A Brilliant Community Organizer” and “an American businessman and politician.”                                        Ron Paul … Continue reading

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What will happen in the Iowa caucus? – Opinion Poll

Do you like to make predictions? Do you believe that you know who will win the Iowa Caucus vote? If you are interested, or just bored, please make at guess… For second place:  

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Opinion Poll – Do you trust Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the free  on-line encyclopedia written by 20 million volunteers around the world. Do you trust this source of information? Many have called into question the reliability of Wikipedia. Liberals seem more trusting of the information than do conservatives … Continue reading

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Opinion Poll – Who Won the Debate in Vegas?


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