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Jesus said,”I Am the Resurrection and the Life.”

A search of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Blue Letter Bible search and Bible hub reveals that there is not one instance of the word resurrection in the Old Testament. The Bible teaches there is One Person who holds resurrection power! Continue reading

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Does Jesus say, “I Am God?”

DOES JESUS EVER SAY, “I AM GOD?” JESUS SAID, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” Jesus made seven ‘I Am’ statements in John which are discussed by Jack Kelly on Grace thru Faith. What do these statements mean and … Continue reading

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University of GA – Who Wants House Republicans Guillotined?

COLLEGE LIFE THEN Most of us remember fondly the day we left home to attend college. We felt freedom and a challenge to succeed. New friends, the smell of the college library, dorm life – it was a happy event. … Continue reading

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Climate Change in Perspective

How many  disasters that were predicted in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”? How accurate were these predictions? Gore wasn’t the first to predict disaster upon the climate. This had happened previously in 1970. See 18 spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions made … Continue reading

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Comparing Tenet 22 of Watchtower to the Holy Bible

Originally posted on Jlue's Weblog:
WATCHTOWER TEACHES Tenet 22 – Christians should not vote in elections, hold political office, become involved in political affairs in any other way, salute a flag, or serve in the military even in noncombatant…

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Power to Reason – Let’s use it!

Originally posted on A Twist in Translation:
The verses below show a major translation difference between the KJV (along with all other English translations) and the NWT. ?Take a look at them and then meet me again underneath the photo.?…

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For Your Information…

Before we get upset with the Trump administration, a look back to this time last year might be in order: THE WASHINGTON POST HEADLINE  U.S. Offers to share Syria intelligence on terrorist with Russia  June 30, 2016 THE WASHINGTON POST … Continue reading

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