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For Your Information…

Before we get upset with the Trump administration, a look back to this time last year might be in order: THE WASHINGTON POST HEADLINE  U.S. Offers to share Syria intelligence on terrorist with Russia  June 30, 2016 THE WASHINGTON POST … Continue reading

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America at risk…

HOW DO WE UNITE A DIVIDED NATION? Saturday, February 11, 2016 in the Chattanooga Times Free Press op-ed section there were opposing opinions on the same subject. Clarence Page wrote “‘Fake News?’Look Whose Talking.” Cal Thomas wrote “Major Media Remain … Continue reading

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Tolerance vs Truth

I wonder if these same students would tolerate me if I decided that I am a professor at Washington University and that it is a Bible College? Would they allow me to stand and preach the from the Bible for 50 minutes? Continue reading

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Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelley

Do you think Donald Trump boycotting the debate will help him, hurt him, or have no effect on his campaign? Continue reading

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Donald Trump gives Bill Clinton a thumbs up.

When asked who was the best of the last four presidents, Trump names Bill Clinton. Why does MSNBC give Donald Trump so much time and good press? This week Trump accused Fox of giving him the most unfavorable coverage. I … Continue reading

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Do Christians have a right to self-defense or an obligation to defend others?

This post is in response to something written by John Pavlovitz entitled Jerry Falwell Jr, Liberty University, and A Hateful Christianity Off the Rails. In his post, Mr. Pavlovitz called remarks made by Jerry Falwell Jr. “lazy, incendiary, irresponsible language … Continue reading

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Political Correctness in State of FL

It is my opinion that if the Senate Seal is to accurately reflect history, then it should contain all the flags. Rewriting history doesn’t actually change history, it just causes people to forget the true history of our nation. It doesn’t correct injustices. The blood stains remain. Continue reading

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