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A challenge to Pastor Luis Leon.

I challenge Dr. Leon to find one person of national importance who has suggested any of the things he says is driving him crazy. Perhaps he could find one or two out- of-the-mainstream kooks, but how could that drive a normal person crazy? Continue reading

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When will the black community speak up for all of their own?

February is Black History Month and there are many blacks in our history with major accomplishments who are remembered at this time. What puzzles me, however, is why the black community will not recognize their own who have done well … Continue reading

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Dr. Benjamin Carson Speaks Out on Education and Success

Every child should be taught what Dr. Benjamin Carson, an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital has to say about what is really important about a person. Dr. Carson was the first surgeon to … Continue reading

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With Liberty and Justice for George Zimmerman

As the details and the Democrats continue to emerge surrounding the killing of young Trayvon Martin from FL, I am wondering what exactly is going on in the minds of the leaders of the Democrat party. Every time a young … Continue reading

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The Face of Courage

To speak truth when so many others are not wanting to hear or even willing to hear the truth takes remarkable courage. Continue reading

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Does America (the USA) need a Gandhi or Mandela at this time?

Barack Obama has compared himself to Gandhi and Mandela. He sees himself as fighting a cause such as theirs. I wonder how many Americans see this as the need of America? In case anyone has forgotten, Apartheid was a system … Continue reading

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What is Planned Parenthood and who was its founder – Margaret Sanger?

Today, our government funds Planned Parenthood. Susan G. Komen helps fund Planned Parenthood. Do you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by a woman named Margaret Sanger to exterminate, among others, a race of people – the black race: PLEASE … Continue reading

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