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What has happened to the Republican Party?

What we need in the USA is a Conservative Party with real Conservatives at the helm. Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson – in the real world or in ‘up-side-down-land’?

Things work exactly opposite of the way they should in ‘up-side-down-land’…. Continue reading

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Rick Santorum – New Front-Runner

What happened in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado yesterday has most politicians reconsidering what their next move may be. I must say that I was surprised. Mike Huckabee admitted that he, too, was surprised. The person who wasn’t surprised was Rick … Continue reading

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A Plea To Rick Santorum and Ron Paul To Save Our Country

To Mr. Rick Santorum  and Dr. Ron Paul– The conservative vote is being split in this primary election in much the same way Perot split the Republican vote and allowed Clinton to win the presidency in 1992. This time, however, … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Takes Time Away from Campaign for Daughter, Bella

A very touching story. Related articles Rick Santorum cancels Sunday events to be with daughter Bella at hospital ( Please say a prayer for Rick Santorum’s daughter ( Santorum Cancels Campaign Stops As Daughter Hospitialized ( Santorum Skips Trail to … Continue reading

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Who should stay in the race? Opinion Poll

Who do you wish to see stay in the race for president? If you believe the news, you have a choice between an “Angry White Man” “A Brilliant Community Organizer” and “an American businessman and politician.”                                        Ron Paul … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum – The Default Candidate

In the past, I have spent little time looking at Santorum due to his poor showing in the polls. After Iowa, and with Newt Gingrich sliding, it is time to take a look at Rick Santorum. Continue reading

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