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Super Tuesday – Get out and vote!

Today is election day in GA and it primaries are also being held in Alaska,  Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. Please remember to vote! Advertisements

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Ron Paul Addresses the John Birch Society

Am I being converted to a Ron Paul supporter? This video is persuasive! Continue reading

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What will happen in the Iowa caucus? – Opinion Poll

Do you like to make predictions? Do you believe that you know who will win the Iowa Caucus vote? If you are interested, or just bored, please make at guess… For second place:  

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Ron Paul, Newsletters From the Past

Should Ron Paul be president? No! He has accused Israel of bombing the Trade Center and refuses to take questions on that. Had he had his way, slavery would not have ended in America when it did. At first I … Continue reading

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Should Gingrich be president?

A friend sent this to me. PLEASE listen to the entire speech. (No teleprompter) Every conservative I know says Newt Gingrich is the most intelligent man in Washington. Most will add that he probably isn’t electable. We say similar things … Continue reading

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Opinion Poll – Who Won the Debate in Vegas?


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Ron Paul’s Solution to Debt Crisis

It may take an economics expert to fully understand what Ron Paul is suggesting, but it sounds as if it might work. He wants the Feds to destroy the $1.6 trillion in government bonds. Its assets are in fact assets … Continue reading

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