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I was wrong about almost everything concerning Donald Trump.

REMEMBERING THE PRIMARY The Republican Primary seems a long time ago. During that time, I was an ‘anyone but Trump’ person. My preference was Ben Carson first, Ted Cruz second, and then the others in this order of preference:  Mike Huckabee, … Continue reading

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Here are the documented facts concerning Senator Ted Cruz…

The Bill of Rights is a list of rights given to all citizens of the USA and also of limits on the power that government officials can have over the American people. In short, they protect our freedom. Continue reading

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This country was not founded on “of the media, by the media, and for the media.” American Voters Need to Take Control of This Election

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton can be counted on to nominate a Supreme Court Nominee who will up-hold the constitution and keep the Bill of Rights intact Continue reading

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Who is Ted Cruz?

In the Bible, as a rule, the people were blessed when they had a man of God leading them and they fell into sin when the king was evil. Continue reading

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