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A Letter to Speaker Boehner: This is your chance to prove you are a leader…

Two-thirds of Congress coming together could end the political games and move America forward! Continue reading

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Update on Teacher who used ‘Romney was a bully’ as the ‘Fact of the Day’

Suspended with pay- if the local paper is correct! Is this a reward for good behavior? A teacher no longer has to report to work, but continues to draw a salary at tax payer expense! Continue reading

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Our Choice in November – Marxism or Capitalism

We will be voting in November. It has become totally apparent that while many say there is not a difference between Obama and Romney, there is a huge difference. I maintain that just as Barack Obama will not endorse gay … Continue reading

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Julia vs Lady of Liberty, Mother of Exiles

If we women are stupid enough to buy into this propaganda/re-election tactic, I think that perhaps we deserve another four years of Obama! But does the world deserve what this would do and do future generations deserve the future it will mean … Continue reading

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What made Ronald Reagan a great president?

Why Reagan was a great president…

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Thank God for non-racist Americans!

Thank God for men like Thomas Sowell who values truth and integrity above political gain. In his column, “Who Is Racists?”, Sowell wrote what practically every American has realized concerning the Trayvon Martin shooting. We are all sad that this … Continue reading

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Mr. President

Ray Stevens, on Larry’s Diner, just plugged his upcoming “The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music”. The work includes 108 comedy songs and is currently on sale. One you won’t find there is “Mr. President.” I believe Ray has it all … Continue reading

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