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Questions for our governing officials… – Or are we allowed to ask?

  I am especially wondering about the last question. May I answer my doctor with a “Why do you ask?” when he asks me if I own a gun? Will I be required by law to answer with a ‘yes’ … Continue reading

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A Letter to Speaker Boehner: This is your chance to prove you are a leader…

Two-thirds of Congress coming together could end the political games and move America forward! Continue reading

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Agenda 21 and the Progressive Movement

Agenda 21 hasn’t gone away. Those who have paid attention are aware that Agenda 21 deals with property rights, although the term ‘private property’ is never used. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan to maintain and manage land on planet … Continue reading

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George Bush returns…

When George W. Bush was president, among friends and those who understood him, he was extremely likable and had a great sense of humor. Admittedly, after he was thoroughly bashed by liberal democrats, called vicious names and treated with constant … Continue reading

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Become an Elephant in November – Elephants Remember! –

Two years later, if those elected do not keep their promises, elephants remember that as well! Only when voters REMEMBER will politicians truly change. Continue reading

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Incandescent Light Bulbs Legal After All

While I have been too busy or too lazy to read the entire bill that funds the government for one more year (and I am sure if I had I would be very unhappy with much of it due to … Continue reading

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