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Dear US House of Rep. and Senators,

I write this believing (and hoping) that most Americans will agree with the content. Dear US House of Rep. and Senators, Barack Obama has again announced that he is not interested in cutting out wasteful spending if the legislation does not … Continue reading

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Freshman Republicans Really Are Not So Dumb

Here are some facts: Going over the fiscal cliff means returning to tax rates that were in place before the George Bush tax cuts were passed. Almost every Democrat in Washington fought tooth and toenail against this bill that was … Continue reading

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Do you believe Mitt Romney got fewer votes than John McCain? Opinion Poll – Please vote

Analyst tell us that Mitt Romney got fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain in 2008? Do you believe this is true? It is true fewer were counted and reported, but does this mean there were fewer votes cast for … Continue reading

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What will $10,000 purchase in today’s market?

Not being on Twitter, I did not know this has already been done. With Nancy Pelosi spending 10K a night on her hotel suite in Hawaii over Christmas holidays, I am interested! What could the average American have done with … Continue reading

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Democrats Don’t Have A Clue! – November 18, 2010

They do not have a clue about this last election. Not a clue! Continue reading

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