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Eric Holder, please know that ‘civil rights’ are the personal rights of individual citizens.

The words ‘civil rights’ indicates that these are rights that apply to citizens of a nation. Even legal immigrants are not guaranteed ‘civil rights’. These are reserved for citizens. Listen to Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Still Making A Difference

Herman Cain’s common sense approach to government and taxes is a real asset to the conservative movement. Recently Mr. Cain spoke on fifteen college campuses where he was well-recieved. Hecklers only attempted to silence him once at a school in … Continue reading

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Two things about Walter Williams I really appreciate…

There are many things I admire about economics professor Walter Williams, but two things that are rare in today’s America are: 1. He doesn’t try to brainwash his students into becoming conservatives, Libertarians, or Republicans because he realizes that it … Continue reading

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Sarah and the Media

The media continues to treat Sarah Palin as if she were either a candidate or office holder. She is scrutinized, criticized, and followed closely. Now, there are many who believe that the latest attempt by NY Times and Washington Post … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Emails – “No Gotcha Moments”

HuffPostAOL has announced that there are no “Gotcha moments” in Palin’s emails. There are no bombshells, no “gotcha” moments. I doubt this will stop those who were searching for something to use. Attacks will follow, these nice folks just need … Continue reading

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Hillsdale College Student Speaks About Conservatism

This was sent to me recently and I found it to be so interesting that I want to share it here for any who may not have already come across it. Those who watch or listen to Glenn Beck know … Continue reading

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Question Concerning Dreyfuss Initiative

The Question? What does Richard Dreyfuss suggest students be taught in ‘Civics’? In 2006 Dreyfuss made the comment that when terrorist go into Disney World and do something horrible, we will willingly toss the Bill of Rights into the ocean. … Continue reading

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