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Know Your Candidate –

Mainstream media will not keep Americans informed about who Barack Obama really is. Those who wish to know him will have to research and look else where to become informed about this liberal, progressive who continually pushes his agenda to … Continue reading

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Do we need the Department of Education?

Ron Paul and Rick Perry both stated that if they were elected president they would do away with the Department of Education. Some people did not, or do not, understand anyone saying such a thing. Some think we need the … Continue reading

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Term Limits will help to stop Career Politicians

If you are interested in working for change in Washington D.C. that really will make a difference visit:


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Republican Primary Candidates

If you pass this way, please leave a comment telling for whom you would vote and why! Continue reading

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Who Will Steve King Endorse for President?

Steve King (R) represents the fifth district of Iowa. A very popular political figure in Iowa, many are waiting to learn who he will endorse for president in the 2012 election. Continue reading

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Governor Rick Perry Attends Prayer Event

Rick Perry hasn’t announced his candidacy, but rumor has it that he may run for president. He is making headlines by attending a Christian prayer event in TX. While thousands support Governor Perry and are also attending, there are a … Continue reading

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