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Do you believe Mitt Romney got fewer votes than John McCain? Opinion Poll – Please vote

Analyst tell us that Mitt Romney got fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain in 2008? Do you believe this is true? It is true fewer were counted and reported, but does this mean there were fewer votes cast for … Continue reading

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Press Corps Finally Have Something Legitimately Bad to Report on Romney Campaign

Will we allow biased news reporters to influence our decision in November or will we vote according to each candidates position on the issues? Continue reading

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A Plea To Rick Santorum and Ron Paul To Save Our Country

To Mr. Rick Santorum  and Dr. Ron Paul– The conservative vote is being split in this primary election in much the same way Perot split the Republican vote and allowed Clinton to win the presidency in 1992. This time, however, … Continue reading

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Are you sure you want all tax laws to be fair?

The 2012 mantra is going to be, “Everyone should pay his or her fair share.” The News Free Press morning paper headline was ‘Obama Calls for Millionaire Tax Hike’ and beneath the headline was a picture of Mitt Romney with … Continue reading

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Republican Candidates and Change of Positions

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw Last night during the Republican debate hosted by Fox News, Mitt Romney explained why he had changed his position on several major … Continue reading

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