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This Old Army Hat – Do you know a WW11 Veteran?

There are only a few WWII veterans still with us. Continue reading

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Sequestration: Whose idea was this anyway?

Whose idea was sequestration? Oh, that’s right it was Obama and Boehner who had this idea. Continue reading

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President Harry Truman set an example for others to follow –

Imagine a president today paying his on travel and food expenses!! I would be happy if we had a president who would put the USA ahead of their own political ambitions. Continue reading

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What if you are being lied to? Do we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

What if you are being lied to daily?

What if the world is being reshaped by the Fabian Society? What if the transforming of America means giving up the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What if this transformation involves you giving up the right to own property, or the right to decide where or when you work? Continue reading

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Questions for our governing officials… – Or are we allowed to ask?

  I am especially wondering about the last question. May I answer my doctor with a “Why do you ask?” when he asks me if I own a gun? Will I be required by law to answer with a ‘yes’ … Continue reading

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A Letter to Speaker Boehner: This is your chance to prove you are a leader…

Two-thirds of Congress coming together could end the political games and move America forward! Continue reading

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George Bush returns…

When George W. Bush was president, among friends and those who understood him, he was extremely likable and had a great sense of humor. Admittedly, after he was thoroughly bashed by liberal democrats, called vicious names and treated with constant … Continue reading

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