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Praying Across America

Recently, while worshiping at Lindsey Lane Baptist Church in Athens, AL I learned about an event called Praying Across Alabama.         While I do not necessarily agree with the politics of our leadership in Washington D.C., President Obama seemed genuinely interested … Continue reading

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Freshman Republicans Really Are Not So Dumb

Here are some facts: Going over the fiscal cliff means returning to tax rates that were in place before the George Bush tax cuts were passed. Almost every Democrat in Washington fought tooth and toenail against this bill that was … Continue reading

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NRSC Suggest Recall of Harry Reid

Townhall sent a link to NRSC, National Republican Senatorial Committee, that bothers me. The group is suggesting that now is the time to recall Harry Reid. This is a bad idea! Be assured that I am NOT a fan of … Continue reading

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Term Limits will help to stop Career Politicians

If you are interested in working for change in Washington D.C. that really will make a difference visit:


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Occupy Wall Street Will Not Fill the God Shaped Void in Hearts

Thinking of the ‘Occupy‘ movement, a distressing thing about the movement is the fact that all the people involved have one thing in common. There is a need in their lives. They have a desire for something bigger than themselves … Continue reading

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