When A Nation Forgets God…Voice in the Wilderness

After the fall of the Berlin Wall a cartoon appeared in a Russian newspaper picturing a fork in the road. One path was labeled freedom; the other path was labeled sausage. As we might guess, the path to freedom had few takers.

In his book, When A Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi, Germany, Erwin Lutzer warns of what happens when a nation chooses sausage over freedom. Even more dangerous, however, is what happens when a nation chooses government over God.

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John the Baptist was described by Jesus as a “Voice crying in the wilderness.” John the Baptist was beheaded.

Today there are voices crying out to us. Will we hear them? Perhaps, if we refuse, these men and women  will one day be led away as was John and the Jews  in Nazi Germany.

I believe Alxis Tocqueville was right when he predicted that democracy would not survive if people realized that could vote themselves money.Erwin Lutzer, When a Nation Forgets…

In Chapter four, Dr. Lutzer writes:

I’ve taken the time to carefully read what Hitler said about the power of propaganda. He explained the techniques he used to win a hostile crowd to his side. He knew how to tap into their anger, how to handle their objections before they voiced them, and how to get them to see the reasons for his philosophy.

When A Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi, Germany is a book that Americans desperately need to read and heed. Notice that in his title Dr. Lutzer doesn’t use the word ‘should‘ learn from Nazi, but rather the word, ‘must‘. I think he could have added, ‘in order to survive as a free republic’ to the title.

The book is not lengthy or expensive. Please get a copy this week and read it carefully.


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