Hillsdale College and The Barney Charter School Initiative offer educational opportunities to many.


Although, as a taxpayer, you are paying for your child’s ‘public’ education, how satisfied are you with the result and how much true choice do you have? A new program, sponsored by Hillsdale College has given many parents a choice and with the help of engaged parents, may be able to reach out to many more.

The program is called Barney Charter School Initiative.* This is one of the most encouraging initiatives I have found. On a large-scale this program, or programs like this one, will go a long way in providing an alternative to traditional public education.

The Barney Charter School Initiative is similar to other Charter school initiatives, but according to their charter, they are able to use their own curriculum (developed by the Barney Charter School Initiative), and many are allowed further flexibility for other aspects, such as teacher and principal hiring. As a rule, Charter schools are more flexible than regular public schools:

Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement. Because they are public schools, they are:

  • Open to all children;
  • Do not charge tuition; and
  • Do not have special entrance requirements.

Charter schools were created to help improve our nation’s public school system and offer parents another public school option to better meet their child’s specific needs. The core of the charter school model is the belief that public schools should be held accountable for student learning. In exchange for this accountability, school leaders should be given freedom to do whatever it takes to help students achieve and should share what works with the broader public school system so that all students benefit.


Even with state schools,  higher education comes with a tremendous price tag.

In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2013–2014 academic year averaged $22,826.

It is probably safe to say that few are satisfied with the results of the educational system in America today.

Unfortunately, solutions that are offered are usually presented by politicians who control the government which controls the facilities. Solutions seem to be less and less satisfactory. This has led institutions such as Hillsdale to think outside the box of government supported, ‘public’, schools.

For those who have not heard of Hillsdale College, this college is a beacon on a hill. Perhaps not literally, but certainly metaphorically. The Hillsdale’s model could very well be an example of how educational institutions should function and produce a system that not only educates, but empowers graduates. 

Hillsdale offers a model of freedom from government interference as do a few other schools that follow this model. Hillsdale does not take money from the Federal Government. This enables the college to teach without regulations or repercussions from the government. Schools that do not take federal dollars are able to set their own standards without federal regulatory agency demands.There are other schools that do not take federal dollars, but apparently not very many. Grove City College and  Patrick Henry were two I was able to identify. There are other good Conservative Colleges, but Hillsdale is the number one choice in the USA.

Under the teaching of men brought in by the President, Dr. Larry P. Arnn, there is hope that the true message of how our nation was founded and what it takes to keep a people free will not be lost in a rewriting of history by those who have agendas that may not include the best interest of this nation..

Larry P. Arnn Larry P. Arnn is the twelfth president of Hillsdale College. He received his B.A. in 1974 from Arkansas State University, graduating with the highest distinction.

The quality of the courses are excellent and . Free courses are offered on-line.

*Liberal Arts – the academic course of instruction including fine arts, humanities, sociology, languages, and literature; 1745-55; translation of Latin artēs līberālēs works befitting a free man  

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